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Progressive Metal
DANTE When We Were Beautiful Cover


  1. Finally -:-- / -:--

Somewhere we belong
Somewhere we create the dawn
I’ve seen you standing there
Wearing your lost smile like a present in your face

Why can’t we even mourn why can’t we even call
The names of all, of all the ones we lost ?
Why can’t we now concede the day of the defeat
Asking helpless things to the helpless ones again

On a pale winter´s day saw the final decay
Hell is a cold place to be
It’s a sad sacrifice, it’s an art in disguise
To walk through shattered doors

And we’re going to rise and fall
Here in the dust – another morning

Feels like a shadow´s burning
Holding our breath to say
Something is going on here
Forgetting our tears that were running
Through our hands and
Lost in an unnamed perception
Well aware we finally call your name

And now we’re running through all the empty fields
where we once thought that time is on our side

And in your final run a new time has begun
For us to see, for us to feel alone

Lying there still, telling the world that it matters to live
Standing beside you, the flowers will wither in the backyards again
Shattered we stand, well dressed and a picture of you in our hands
Behind this curtain you lie, years won’t go by
Standing there still beside you

Finally you reached for the stars there beyond
Finally you had not the strength to hold on
Skies we meet, weeping the words to become none

Now there´s nothing to say the day you´ve gone away
Remember your fight, the promise you made
Yes there´s nothing to say the way you fade away
Remember your smile, the terror in your eyes
There is nothing to find in the cold of your days
Creating the lie we bled out today

Here at the wall they buried you there
Can´t let you go, can´t go away
Reaching the end here in the dust
Bury the dead – they bury us

Do you wanna feel – do you wanna feel it´s ok
Do you wanna feel – it´s alright, it´s ok
Do you wanna run – do you wanna run that´s ok
Do you wanna mourn – it´s alright it´s ok
Do you wanna weep – do you wanna weep that´s ok
Seems you wanna drown here today anyway
Do you wanna speak – do you wanna speak that´s ok
Do you wanna speak here about him today
Do you wanna hide – do you wanna hide that´s ok
Do you wanne tell that we lost him today

I´ve seen the decay – all our dreams turn to grey

Standing there still – telling the world you were here with me
Standing there still – tellling the world that it matters to live
Standing there still – telling the world how it hurts…